The attorneys at Bellavia Blatt, PC have vast experience litigating against the manufacturers of automobiles and boats throughout the country.

Recognized as one of the foremost in the nation for advocating the rights of franchised dealers, the firm has developed a team of lawyers and support staff dedicated entirely to client satisfaction that has earned them distinction as being one of the preeminent dealer rights law firms in the country.

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• Franchise Litigation
• Buy-Sell Transactions
• Warranty Parts & Labor Reimbursement
• Dealer Succession & Estate Planning
• Mass Action Lawsuits
• Partnership Stockholder Agreements
• Lender Liability Litigation
• Employment Matters
• Employment Contracts
• Lemon Law Defense
• DMV Licensing
• DMV Hearings

Bellavia Blatt, PC

• Consumer Affairs Matters
• Warranty Chargebacks
• Sales Tax Deferred Payment Arrangements
• Real Estate & Lease Transactions
• Floor Plan Financing Agreements
• Monthly Flat Fee Representation Program
• Garagekeepers Liability Insurance
• Attorney General Advertising Guidelines
• Out of Trust Workouts
• Insurance Law
• Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Warranty Parts and Labor Reimbursement at Retail Rates

For more information, or to set up an initial consultation, at no cost or obligation, call 516-873-3000. One of our attorneys will contact you right away.

• Warranty Reimbursement
• Warranty Parts Reimbursement
• Warranty Labor Reimbursement
• Warranty Parts Reimbursement at Retail Rates
• Dealer Retail Warranty Reimbursement

• Retail Warranty Parts Reimbursement
• Warranty and Installation Service Reimbursement
• Reimbursement for Warranty Parts and Service
• Obtaining a Retail Price for Warranty Parts
• New York Warranty Parts Reimbursement