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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Practice

Chrysler/GM Bankruptcy

Automotive industry experts and legal professionals nationwide recommend that Chrysler (and potentially General Motors) line make dealers retain individual, local council in New York’s Southern District of New York to represent them in Chrysler’s bankruptcy filing.

Bellavia Blatt Agrees.

In the face of Chrysler’s bankruptcy filing (and potentially, GM’s) every dealer’s position will be unique, and only dedicated counsel will be able to represent their particular concerns. A dealer’s retained counsel will be able to:

  • File a Notice of Claim in Bankruptcy and provide defense if any claims are rejected;
  • Represent dealers regarding their specific franchise agreements, contracts and manufacturer relationships, particularly if a claim for “rejection damages” requires the creation of a damages model;
  • Provide guidance and support in negotiating any amounts owed or due
  • Appear in Bankruptcy Court in New York City to assert individual dealer claims.



Dealers across the country are currently facing unprecedented financial challenges. If your dealership is facing such challenges, restructuring may be a viable solution. With the help of an experienced law firm like Bellavia Blatt, dealership restructuring can allow your business to restructure debts, reorganize operations and bring it back on the path to success.  


Bellavia Blatt has more than 36 years of experience in Dealership Law and is well-positioned to help you reduce debt and free up capital through various solutions, including:
  • Drafting of written requests to landlords, mortgagees and creditors for loan forbearance and forgiveness
  • Negotiating with floorplan providers on out-of-trust defaults
  • Updating management and sales pay plans and agreements to better tie compensation to performance
  • Evaluating sale/leaseback options for dealership real estate
  • Identifying default risks presented by creditor agreement covenants and obligations
  • Reviewing and implementing all potential exit strategies, including buy-sell transactions of distressed businesses, Chapter 7 and 11 filings, and buy-in and buy-out arrangements for investors
  • Managing all aspects of the OEM relationship, including any approvals needed to restructure your business.

Bellavia Blatt Has Been Representing Auto Dealers Across the Nation for More Than 36 Years

Bellavia Blatt, PC has been in business over 36 years and is a nationally recognized authority in the field of automotive franchise law. Over the years, Bellavia Blatt has represented thousands of automobile dealerships across the country. With a national practice, attorneys at Bellavia Blatt have vast experience litigating against automotive manufacturers and lenders throughout the country. Recognized as one of the foremost in the nation for advocating the rights of franchised dealers, the årm has developed a team of lawyers and support staff dedicated entirely to client satisfaction that has earned the distinction as being one of the preeminent dealer rights law årms in the country. For more information please reach us at (516) 873-3000 or email us at

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