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Dealership Buy/Sell

Dealership buy/sell

Whether you own a large company or you are an individual seeking to safeguard your rights and protect your interests, the selection of legal counsel is critically important. Bellavia Blatt, PC recognizes the importance of this decision and has engineered the delivery of legal services such that clients get the benefit of large-firm prominence coupled with small firm attention to detail. Our vast legal experience in Automotive Dealership Law, Automotive Franchise Law, Car Dealership Law & rich tradition of excellence and concern for our clients makes our firm uniquely suited to represent you in a wide range of legal matters. We are certain you will agree that Bellavia Blatt is the right choice.
We are with sellers each step of the way until their transactions close – from developing detailed valuation estimates, creating customized marketing to negotiating letters of intent and helping sellers address buyer concerns that might otherwise delay or prevent closing. Through our experience and understanding of automotive dealerships, we give sellers the best chance of closing a buy-sell transaction at an optimal purchase price.

Auto Dealership Buy-Sell Representation — an Industry Leader for Over 30 Years

Our firm has negotiated hundreds of buy-sell agreements, on behalf of both buyers and sellers, involving every automotive franchise in the United States. Given our reputation within the industry, we are frequently called upon to represent either the buyer or the seller for transactions nationwide.

In addition to buy-sell agreements, we provide comprehensive advice and counsel on all types of commercial transactions that a dealer will face, including partnership and shareholder agreements, employment contracts, DMV licensing, and dealership-related real estate transactions.

In today’s market, dealers are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain factory approval. We are uniquely qualified at facilitating this process, given our reputation within the industry among manufacturers who are familiar with our work and value our expertise in resolving these issues.

Further, because of our vast experience tackling issues that may arise in these transactions, we are uniquely equipped to assist dealers in a wide range of real estate transactions, including sales and acquisitions, leasing, borrowing and lending. Our vast exposure within the industry allows us to introduce and refer clients to each other in the hopes of expanding their commercial opportunities.



Founding Partner Leonard A. Bellavia grew up in the auto industry working for his family’s dealerships, some of which still operate in New York and New Jersey under the Bellavia name. He serves as chair of the Automotive Franchise Law Section of the Franchise Law Committee of the New York State Bar Association and is the former chair of the Litigation Section of the National Association of Dealer Counsel and a past member of its Board of Directors.



Bellavia Blatt has negotiated hundreds of buy-sell agreements, on behalf of both buyers and sellers, involving every automotive franchise in the United States.



The real skill is keeping a deal together between contract and closing. The law firm of Bellavia Blatt is a recognized “deal maker.”



Manufacturers respect Bellavia Blatt and recognize the firm’s leadership in the industry. This is important when it is time to obtain factory approval and reach closure.

We are referred to buyers and sellers by the nation’s leading accounting firms, dealership brokers, automotive attorneys, lenders, state dealer associations and dealer 20 groups.

Today, manufacturers are more often using their right of first refusal (“ROFR”) in dealer agreements to collapse entire buy-sell transactions. A ROFR is an age-old legal right where a party to a contract reserves a right to “match the deal” that is entered into with a third-party at armslength. With a ROFR for a franchise dealership buy-sell transaction, the manufacturer steps into the shoes of a buyer to purchase the dealership, often assigning the dealership to another, more favored franchisee. ROFR use has increased significantly over the past few years as one more tool that manufacturers use to exert more control over their franchisees.

As nationally recognized experts in the avoidance of ROFR exercises by manufacturers, Bellavia Blatt has the knowledge, experience and legal acumen to make ROFR an unattractive option for a manufacturer. Our knowledge of state ROFR restrictions and our use of innovative strategies to structure buy-sell agreements will ensure that all the time and resources you have put into negotiating a deal will not be snatched away from you at the eleventh hour.



Bellavia Blatt is uniquely equipped to handle the legal matters that arise during a buysell transaction, such as real estate, factory floor plan approval, leasing, borrowing and lending.



By dedicating its practice to the representation of dealers for over 30 years, Bellavia Blatt has developed vast exposure within the industry, which allows the firm to introduce and refer clients to each other in the hopes of expanding their commercial opportunities.



Bellavia Blatt knows legal fees are always a concern, which is why the firm makes sure its fees are competitive. All of the firm’s attorneys and professionals are experienced in dealer law, which means clients never pay for their learning curve. Bellavia Blatt has never lost a client over fees.

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