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Franchise Litigation

Litigation and Negotiation

Bellavia Blatt serves auto dealers nationwide in disputes with automotive manufacturers and lenders. Franchise litigation includes disputes related to franchise terminations and renewals, facility renovations, dealership sales and service agreements, warranty and incentive chargebacks, vehicle allocation, two-tiered pricing, sales expectation, add-point claims and dealership relocation.

Additionally, the firm defends dealerships from consumer-related claims, including those made by attorneys general and state departments of motor vehicles, as well as claims brought by floorplan providers and other vendors. 

With all litigation, we handle everything from drafting demand letters and negotiating settlements to representing dealership clients in state and federal court and at mediation and arbitration hearings.

Transactions and Corporate Matters

Bellavia Blatt provides more than just litigation to automobile dealerships. It is a full-service law firm for automobile dealers, providing counsel on a host of transactional matters related to dealerships, including buy-sell transactions, mergers & acquisitions, asset purchase agreements, stock/share purchase agreements, buy-ins/buy-outs of owners and investors, floorplan financing, letters of credit, term loans and mortgages. 

Bellavia Blatt also handles the purchase, sale and leasing of any real estate tied to dealerships, including the drafting of key provisions related to environmental remediation and representations related to such property. While any transactional law firm can undertake this work, our experience working with auto manufacturers will ensure that transactions close on time and with a minimum of factory pushback. 

Furthermore, the firm advises dealerships on all internal company matters, including key manager employment contracts and disputes, succession planning, restructuring, DMS agreements, shareholder/member resolutions and compliance with government rules and regulations on HR/labor, F&I, advertising and corporate governance.

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