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Apr 19 2022


All Day

Webinar: Retail Warranty Reimbursement Applying for Retail Markups/Rates

Watch our webinar, “Retail Warranty Reimbursement Applying for Retail Markups/Rates “. This webinar originally aired on April 19, 2022.

KADA’s exclusive endorsed partner, Retail Warranty Reimbursement, powered by Bellavia Blatt, P.C., conducts an informational webinar for KADA members regarding Retail Warranty Reimbursement and the extensive benefits available to dealers.

Most dealers are familiar with their legal right to reimbursement at retail rates for both parts and labor. What is not necessarily known is that they can re-apply on a regular basis to have their rates adjusted. This webinar is conducted by two representatives from Bellavia Blatt P.C. – one, an expert in warranty reimbursement procedures and the other, an attorney specializing in dealer law. They advise participants of the tricks of the trade, discuss the application process and provide an overview to those who have not yet taken advantage of their statutory rights.

Important topics covered include:

• a brief history of warranty reimbursement procedures,

• an overview of the submission and resubmission processes,

• submission timing and frequency,

• dealer eligibility,

• the importance of applying for reimbursement,

• and how to maximize your reimbursement.

For more information about Bellavia Blatt’s Retail Warranty Reimbursement, visit… or call 516-873-3000.